Design Tips | 5 Must Haves for your Dream Home

AUGUST 26, 2022

When you are looking for your dream home, you get to find a home uniquely suited to the way you live. Think about your lifestyle and how your Dream Home should reflect that. This way you can find a space that’s perfectly suited to your preferences and lifestyle. Modern houses tend to feature muted colours, large windows, and clean lines. They may use materials like reinforced steel or concrete to create layers and textures. Another key difference is the floor plan. In a traditional home design, the space is divided into separate, single-purpose rooms. Modern homes often have open concept floor plans with fewer dividing walls and rooms that serve multiple purposes.

1. Open living plan with clear sight lines

An open concept floor plan makes your home feel bigger! It’s also better for families keeping an eye on their kids and entertaining. Additionally, without the partitions or other dividers that separate the living room from the kichen and dining room, more natural light will enter and brighten your home.


2. Spacious kitchen counter space

From morning to evening, you will find yourself meandering in and out of your kitchen. Whether it’s to grab a quick snack from your snack cabinet, or whip up a nice meal for your family. This is the space in which everyone gathers to create memories in addition to delectable meals.  It’s only fair that your counter has ample space to allow for a wonderful experience.


3. Deck or patio for outdoor entertaining

Extending your indoor living space to the outside allows for you to increase your home’s square footage while giving you and your family additional space for entertaining. Enjoy your mornings by having breakfast outside or simply setting up a reading space for you to read your favorite novel while getting fresh air.


4. Two-Car (Minimum) Garage

Contrary to popular belief, a garage does not only serve the purpose of storing your car. Use the extra garage space you have to turn it into a home gym, work shop, or even a games room!


Written By: Saron Desta